x-Books by Ed

x-Books by Ed

Jim Able: Offworld

Short read sci-fi episodes following the adventures of human Jim Able. Each set of episodes is a complete story.

Episodes 1 thru 4

Each First Contact is tricky; there’s a lot of money at stake

So it’s odd when an alien from a new race really doesn’t want to make contact at all—much preferring to quietly go shopping.

Ed says, “Books are wonderful but they always have to end – usually within a few hundred pages! I needed more room. Remember the days of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers? For all their faults, the writers never had to worry about wrapping it all up. They always had a new cliffhanger and a new adventure waiting in the next episode.

My goal with Jim Able: Offworld is to keep the adventures coming. Welcome along!”

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Episodes 5 thru 9

Jim Able: Offworld - E.I.A.Space is not empty but full of secrets.

A mysterious drone appears near Europa to lead Jim Able and his new boss, the chameleon-skinned alien called Tella, into a spiral of danger.

Ed says, “Alien society and especially alien religious are a fascination of mine. From the Regdenir of TMV-I in episodes 1-4, we visit the Luminants of Tanna Gul. I hope I build a picture of a world interesting enough in itself, but also with enough reflections of our own.”

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Episodes 10 thru 13

I’m writing them right now!


The Aleronde Trilogy








Three very different books. One epic sci-fi tale.

Theo and his publisher friend Curt are the only humans aware of the danger from the Aleronden empire.

They’ll need help.

Peter may be a helpful fellow, but knows nothing of solving murders or to traveling to other worlds.

Who can topple an empire? Who else?


The Problem with Uncle Teddy’s Memoir

An inherited memoir stirs up unwelcome memories, but that’s just the beginning.

The trilogy starts out with an experiment – an epistolary novella! A story told through letters, notes, e-mails, and manuscript pages.  This is something rare in sci-fi.

I hope you will find the characters of The Problem with Uncle Teddy’s Memoir stay with you in a different way, because they are always writing in their own voices.

I want this book to be a memorable read and a tactile and visual experience, complete with coffee stains. You know…like reading used to be!   More here.

Saint John’s Ambulatory

The parish church of St. John’s In The Green holds an ancient secret. Beneath its quiet sanctuary lies a passageway, The Ambulatory.

This more of a contemporary murder mystery – there’s even a body by the end of the first page. But the aliens are there in the background, of course!

This book is the second in The Aleronde Trilogy, though it may be read on its own and is co-equal with The Problem with Uncle Teddy’s Memoir.   More here.

Aleronde the Great brings the characters from the first two books together. They stumble into an alien city on the brink of catastrophe and provide an unexpected push.

A tale of how the mighty fall. More aliens and colorful characters than you can shake a gre-tra at.  More here.


When Visitors Come to Tea

A short story of Regency manners

When Visitors Come to Tea

The Cranford sisters meet a stranger, but who is more in danger?

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