Currently Writing

Currently Writing


Progress continues. I’m calling it Draft #2.

I’ve been working through a list of notes, corrections, doubts, and absolutely brilliant ideas.

The last category, usually, are complete duds or things I have already done!

I hate revisions. I hate rewriting. We all do. It’s where the hard works comes in. When someone tells you, “Oh, yeah, I think I’ll take a month off soon and write a book!” don’t believe them. They may know about writing, but they don’t know about what comes next.

When I began The Problem with Uncle Teddy’s Memoir, I had no idea how far the characters and their stories would lead us.

Newly released is the second book, Saint John’s Ambulatory.

Aleronde The Great will be the third book of the trilogy. I know I’ve left many questions unanswered in both the first and second books.

They will be answered but, as I rewrite, add, and correct, I realize it’s not possible to fit everything in. I hope the maxim of “leave them wanting more” will apply and you, dear reader, will be comfortable imagining the rest.

Also, in my spare time…


On the launch ramp are four new episodes following the adventures of Jim Able and his chameleon colleague, Tella.

In the last episode, A’NIR, Jim had, more by luck than skill, completed his assignment on TMV-II. He had also been fired.

Now we pick up his story as he starts a new job with Earth’s External Intelligence Agency, working for Tella on a delicate and dangerous mission to prevent an interplanetary conflict.

Sign up for the newsletter, if you haven’t already, and I’ll let you know as soon as Episode 5: EIA is available.

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