Currently Writing

Currently Writing

It’s a sequel.
Well, not really…

Philip Pullman called his not-quite-a-sequel and “equal,” so let’s call it that.

The title is Saint John’s Ambulatory though we may shorten it to St. John’s Ambulatory.


What’s it an equal to?

You’ll remember at the end of The Problem with Uncle Teddy’s Memoir, we left Curt, the publisher, admitting to his friend Theo, that he did remember being in the wonderful city of Aleronde, and agreeing, however reluctantly, to try and go back.

And so, in St. John’s Ambulatory, neither Theo or Curt will appear. Nor will Uncle Teddy.
It’s not a sequel, remember?

In South London, the parish church of St. John’s In The Green, holds an ancient secret. Beneath its quiet sanctuary lies a passageway, The Ambulatory, built before the Romans, built before Stonehenge, built by…?

One night, the parish priest, the unpopular and abrasive Bart Samuels, is horribly murdered. His bishop (known to his friends as “The Dave”) appoints his otherwise-unemployed nephew, Peter Trowbridge, as temporary caretaker to keep an eye on the parish until he can appoint a new priest.

Peter is drawn further and further into the world of The Ambulatory, the police investigation, the mysterious machinations of MI5, his neighbors in the Muslim cultural center, and Fr. Samuels’ belief in UFOs. Oh, and there’s a whole church-hall full of Morris dancers.

I hear you ask, “Will I see the links to Uncle Teddy?”
Yes, but…

There is one character who is in both books; someone who didn’t really get a chance to tell his or her story in the first book.

For the actual sequel, probably to be called simply Aleronde, Theo and Curt will go back to Uncle Teddy’s birthplace, but not before they meet Peter Trowbridge.
Have Uncle Teddy’s predictions of the demise of Aleronde come true? How will the party from Earth know who in Aleronde are friends and who are not?

This third book will explore the outstanding mysteries both from The Problem with Uncle Teddy’s Memoir and St. John’s Ambulatory.

And, yes, that means I’m currently working on both at once.


This is an early idea for the cover of St. John’s Ambulatory, though it may be better included inside…

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