Ed Charlton

Ed Charlton


As well as being proprietor of Scribbulations, Ed is author of numerous articles and several sci-fi books. He is also the benevolent monarch of The 1/6 Scale Acting Company.

Ed’s background is a journey; through studies in psychology, philosophy, and theology; through programming mainframe computers, systems analysis, and databases; through writing, book design and layout, and running a small business. What does he do in his spare time? What spare time?

Currently available are The Aleronde Trilogy ( The Problem with Uncle Teddy’s Memoir , Saint John’s Ambulatory , and Aleronde the Great ) and  Jim Able: Offworld – a series of short reads in the tradition of Flash Gordon but with Ed’s characteristic wry humor.

With selected episodes of Jim Able: Offworld come free downloads! Don’t miss out, they are not only free but a fun addition to the ebooks.

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