Jim Able: Offworld Continues…

Jim Able: Offworld Continues…

Jim Able:Offworld Episode 6 – RAEFF

Insulting your extraterrestrial contacts must be done with care.

A mysterious drone has led Jim Able and his boss Tella, to the environmentally damaged planet of Tanna Gul and its sister world Tanna Jorr.

Accompanied by an agent from the galaxy’s premier spacecraft manufacturer, Jim finds even arriving in secret is beset with problems.

Is the Gul Raeff, Tanna Gul’s leader showing signs of madness or, as his spiritual guide hopes, true inspiration?

When Jim is captured by Gul forces, his improvised plan for escape may prove fatal.

This sixth episode of Jim Able: Offworld continues the adventure which spans episodes #5 through #9.

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