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I’m giving away Ch’Garrett the prequel to the Jim Able: Offworld stories for free.

Jim Able wakes up in hospital in Ch’Garrett, beset with bloody memories. Someone has tried to kill him, he knows who but not why.

His colleagues get that Jim is in danger but what protection can they offer against an adversary so callous he destroys with reckless abandon?

In this “sampler” story there is no conclusion—no one flies off into an improbable interplanetary sunset—only the opening threads of several stories.

You’ll meet Jim, our everyman hero. You’ll meet Anne, who we will see again, but later. And you’ll hear of strange goings on in space that Jim almost falls victim to.

In the series of episodes, we’ll see more of Jim’s skills, his job, his family, an unexpected friend in the form of a tall chameleon, other worlds, and other cultures.

Unlike Star Trek, the people here use money and go to the bathroom.

Unlike Star Wars, the evil comes more from personal motives rather than imperial menace.

Formatted in episodes that are an easy read—the equivalent of four or five chapters—the series will take you, and Jim, on quite a ride.

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