Saint John’s Ambulatory

Saint John’s Ambulatory

Saint John's Ambulatory on Amazon

The official release date is September 30th! But, you may find it available sooner.

Here is what to expect.

In South London, the parish church of St. John’s In The Green holds an ancient secret. Beneath its quiet sanctuary lies a passageway, The Ambulatory, built before the Romans, built before Stonehenge, built by…?

One night, the parish priest, the unpopular and abrasive Bart Samuels, is horribly murdered. People may not have liked Bart, but who would want to kill him? The bishop appoints his own nephew, Peter Trowbridge, both as a temporary caretaker and inside man.

Peter is drawn further and further into the world of The Ambulatory, the Islamic cultural center next door, the police investigation, the mysterious machinations of MI5, Fr. Samuels’ belief in UFOs, not to mention a group of thirsty Morris men.

For those of you familiar with The Problem with Uncle Teddy’s Memoir we can offer this thought.

Curtis Bookman of The Village Pub, publisher of Uncle Teddy’s memoir writes: “Walking through The Ambulatory was terrifying; Peter Trowbridge should have warned me how dangerous it was. He only talked about the Morris dancers. All in all, I wish I had been better prepared.”

Now, Curt himself does not appear in this book, though someone else from the first book does.

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