August Authors – Ian Martyn

August Authors – Ian Martyn

August Authors!

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I’m Ian Martyn, scienceBoston me small fiction and fantasy writer.  I live in Surrey in the United Kingdom. One long hot summer as a teenager (they were all long hot summers then, weren’t they?) I visited a friend’s house. Her Dad had a collection of sc-fi and fantasy paperbacks. The covers looked great. I picked one at random, started to read and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Now, I’m writing them.

My books are available through Amazon on Kindle and on other e-reading platforms.  ‘Bleak – the first mission’ is now free on Smashwords.

I am currently working on a mystery with a magical edge to it, working title  ‘Inspector Kirby and Harold Longcoat’.  I also have two follow-up volumes to ‘Ancestral Dreams’ in draft.


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