August Authors – Miranda Nading

August Authors – Miranda Nading

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Though she started writing short stories in the third grade, she tackled her first novel-length manuscript, Witch Hunt in 1992. As a single mother, time was a precious commodity and though she had little to spare, she continued writing and completed her second manuscript, Exodus, in 1994. Echoes of Harmony followed in 1996 and would become her breakout novel in 2014.

Her other works include Caliban and Canyon Echoes, and the emergent Extinction Series: Genesis, Flash Point, and Judas. As she continues working on the ten book series, Extinction, Miranda also participates in a short story anthology whose proceeds go to charity. It will later end up in a short story collection which will include her favorites. Also planned is Eldorado: A Cottonwood Cove Adventure.

The genres Miranda prefers to write are also among her favorite reads: Thrillers, Science Fiction, and Horror, all with a suspenseful edge that leaves the reader riding the edge of their seat and turning the pages. The Extinction Series is her first exploration into Post-Apocalyptic suspense with a hard dystopian edge and more than a little science fiction. Though she has read some historical romance, she prefers romance to be the seasoning in the dish, not the main course.

Her favorite writers include but are in no way limited to Agatha Christie, Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Author Conan Doyle, T.S. Eliot, Robert Frost, Robert Browning, Michael Crichton, Dean Koontz, and Stephen King. These are authors whose work she rereads once every year or two as she says, it is like visiting an old friend.

Eldorado Gold
The trail of a Civil War ghost leads Isabel Byrne to the Colorado River and Lake Mohave. When a diver washes up with evidence of the Holy Grail of Civil War legends, she finds herself caught between a group that would kill her to keep their secrets and prison time.
Tomas Armijo does not trust Isabel Byrne as far as he could throw her. He has fallen for the wrong woman before, and it had cost him two years in the slam. To find the diver’s missing brother, Tomas is going to have to stand up to his past and put his heart on the line.

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  • Action & Adventure > Romance
  • Action & Adventure > War & Military


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