Jim Able: Offworld

Jim Able: Offworld

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Episodes 1 thru 4

Each First Contact is tricky; there’s a lot of money at stake

So it’s odd when an alien from a new race really doesn’t want to make contact at all—much preferring to quietly go shopping. Jim Able has to find out who this alien calling himself “Edward of Turcania” really is.

Jim enlists the help of Turcanian professor and TV personality, Madhar Nect. She introduces him to the divisive religious minority that Edward, whose real name is Sopha, belongs to.

Jim lies to secure his interview with the elusive Sopha. Though they connect through a powerful religious ceremony, Sopha is the one person he should never have lied to.

Can Jim still seize success from his rapidly failing mission?

What price will he, and the people of TMV-II, pay for his deception as the deep societal fractures of this world erupt?

Episodes 5 thru 9

Space is not empty but full of secrets.

A mysterious drone appears near Europa to lead Jim Able and his new boss, the chameleon-skinned alien called Tella, into a spiral of danger.

On the environmentally damaged planet of Tanna Gul, its spiritual leader—the Gul Raeff—pursues a personal agenda as he builds a space fleet from stolen blueprints.

The secretive senders of the drone are working behind the scenes–with Jim or against him?

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