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Latest Publication

Aleronde the Great

book three of The Aleronde Trilogy.

Saint John’s  Ambulatory, is the second in The Aleronde Trilogy, though it may be read on its own.

The first book is, of course, The Problem with Uncle Teddy’s Memoir.


Aleronde the Great!

At the heart of the empire, the beautiful city of towers,

parks, and enforced order

Aleronde the Feared!

Militaristic, paranoid, and brutal

Why would any stranger risk going there?


At the end of The Problem with Uncle Teddy’s Memoir, Theo Kingman and Curt Bookman agree to travel to Aleronde to learn how and why they were abducted and to discover if Earth is in danger. But Curt has a more personal reason to return. Joining them is Peter Trowbridge (Saint John’s Ambulatory)—the only man with proof of aliens visiting Earth.

To Curt’s horror, a small act of kindness turns deadly and, suddenly, not only the travelers but also the entire city of Aleronde face grave danger. Theo’s small party find themselves at the mercy of disparate and antagonistic Aleronden groups.

Even more cataclysmic may be the mysterious figure from the past unpicking the fabric of the empire with that most dangerous thing: an idea.

Amid the chaos—some of their own making—will Theo, Curt, and Peter ever get home?

The action-filled culmination of The Aleronde Trilogy.





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