The Able Series – New Episode

The Able Series – New Episode

The third episode of The Able Series is nearly here!

This is the third episode of The Able series published on Kindle only.

In the previous episodes, ABLE and SOPHA, Jim was sent to Turcanis Major V to solve a mystery—with strict instructions not to start a war. With the help of a local female scientist, Madhar Nect, Jim investigates the religious minority of TMV’s main moon. Through a small deception, Jim secures an interview with a Regdenir named Sopha.

In this episode, Jim returns to TMV in the company of an alien colleague, Tella.

With the help of both Madhar Nect and Regdenir allies, Jim and Tella must work quickly to stop Sopha’s murderous plans.

The story continues in A’NIR.

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