Hoyle Station

Hoyle Station

Now Available!

Buy your copy today! Amazon.comAmazon.co.ukAmazon.de – (Anyone else contact me!)

How to murder someone on a space station and get away with it.

Hoyle Station is a murder mystery with a cast of thousands, some of them human.

And there are many questions.

How has a member of Earth’s Historical Guild so completely vanished?

Are the Recorders who run the business of the station as helpful as they seem?

Who are the aliens watching from the dark of space?

But it all starts with one simple question: if an alien gives you a gift—a sealed cylinder—would you break it open to see what’s inside?

Answers here: Amazon.comAmazon.co.ukAmazon.de – (Anyone else contact me!)

I got carried away trying to write a short description for the book and came up with a haiku:

One man’s history
Murder on a space station
Androids Love Secrets

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